Each of us is proud to tell our children, grandchildren (and anyone else that cares to listen) about the world-class developments we have helped to ‘get out of the ground’, in so doing transforming Sydney’s CBD skyline.

We believe these examples, which are in no way exhaustive, clearly demonstrate our ability to reach and penetrate the right organisations and then engage with the right people to achieve successful results, either in an open, joint or exclusive agency capacity.

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Client: Mirvac

Architects: Peddle Thorpe / Sissons Architects

The Rebel Property Group, in a JV with Premier Investments, secured rights from the NSW Government to develop the site at 8 Central Avenue in The Australian Technology Park, as the new home for Pacific Magazines and Global TV studios, totalling c. 36,000 m2.

CWE was retained by the JV to pre-commit the balance of 12,000 m2.

This required a prospective tenant re-education program regarding Redfern as a suitable office location, which we did, in so doing securing Cancer NSW and the Department of Education & Training (DET), prior to completion of the building.

Cancer NSW retained the services of Property NSW to secure 3,000 m2, with the DET introduced for the remaining 9,000m2 without a public brief being issued.

With our newfound enthusiasm for and knowledge of The Australian Technology Park location, we introduced Mirvac’s development team to the three other development sites, prior to them being brought to the market by the NSW Government. This substantial head start helped in securing CBA for the Axle and Foundry Buildings (c. 96,000 m2).

This led to the adaptive re-use of the heritage listed Locomotive Workshop, to provide 24,000 m2 of heritage commercial office accommodation and 12,000 m2 of retail facilities, for the business occupiers of South Eveleigh, and the wider South Sydney community, 18 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Working closely with Mirvac as their sole agent, we introduced WPP and Publicis, agreeing terms with the latter for the whole of the commercial offering, only for the negotiations to be terminated by Mirvac in favour of an unsolicited proposal process with the NSW Government (to secure Google in the Locomotive Workshop and North Eveleigh). After 2 years, this proposal collapsed.

CWE then initiated a second marketing campaign, with Quantium signing up for 12,000 m2 on completion of the refurbishment in mid 2021.

Full occupation of the Locomotive Workshop will be the last piece in the South Eveleigh ‘puzzle’, representing a legacy that’s been 15 years in the making.

Architectural Significance:
South Eveleigh before and after